History of Barns

The barns and house on the property were originally built in the 1870’s by the English family that moved here from England and started a logging company. They were one of the original settlers of the area that is now Sparta.

Briar Barns-28











Our Story

From planning our own wedding in three months, to raising our three kids, to supporting my husband in business and then planning both of my daughters weddings; I guess you could say we have come full circle. Our wedding day was one of the greatest days of our lives and then we got to help create that…

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The Beginning

This property caught my imagination from the first time we drove into the driveway and after a year of praying and working we were able to make the dream reality. Months of township board meetings followed as we worked to get all the approvals we needed to move forward with the second part of the dream; to create…

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